The Central Iowa Beekeepers Association (CIBA) was formed over a hundred years ago when a group of local beekeepers decided to get together to help each other with their beekeeping journey. Beekeepers have always been willing to share their experiences and new adventures with one another – whether it’s their first season or their fortieth! Not only do CIBA members strive to advance the art of Beekeeping, Honey Production, and related interests, but they study and recommend the enactment of legislation in the interests of the industry and to encourage members to lend their support through contact with public officials. Most of all, CIBA encourages and promotes beekeeping for those interested in and starting beekeeping in a welcoming environment.

Our Mission

“To advance the art of beekeeping, honey production, and to promote close coordination, cooperation, and fellowship among members.”

Why Join CIBA?

Belonging to a local bee club has several advantages:

  • You will be privy to a wealth of beekeeping knowledge ranging from first-year beekeepers to those who have kept bees many years.
  • The fellowship is wonderful, and we mostly talk bees, bees, bees!
  • We have quarterly meetings where we talk bees, how the weather affects bees, and, of course, the price of honey. The official meeting begins with a short business meeting followed by a guest speaker discussing a timely beekeeping topic.
  • The quarterly newsletter updates you on events, meetings, tips, and timely articles. In between newsletters, I suggest you visit our website.
  • Our spring auction is our biggest fundraiser and an excellent opportunity for buying and selling good, used — and some new — equipment at prices much better than supply catalogs.
  • We’re also working on a summer field day where beekeepers new and old gather to gets hands-on experience with common problems and troubleshoot together. We’d like this to become a yearly event.

As backyard and hobby beekeepers, letting bees do what they do best allows them to satisfy their own colony’s needs by relying upon the myriad abilities they already inherently have.

If you have questions or comments about our philosophy, please feel free to contact us at info@ciba.com