Our Mission, Vision, and Values:

Apis mellifera, or the European honeybee is the most commonly kept species, and the only species kept in America. They are just 1 species out of 20,000 known bee species worldwide. North America alone is home to 4,400 bee species including social bumblebee colonies, solitary tunnel nesting bees, and solitary ground nesting bees.

Honeybees are the only insect that store food in excess. Their part in high-value commodity production (honey and wax) encouraged their introduction to America in the late 1600’s by Europeans. In America today, the value of honeybees has only increased, as they have become the linchpin in the current agricultural system as pollinators. 30% of the world’s most common food crops require honeybee pollination-services.

If you’d like to learn more about beekeeping, or even become a beekeeper yourself, please join us at our meetings!