Honey Queen/Ambassador

Calling for 2019 CIBA Honey Queen: This could be you!

CIBA is looking to select a young person for our Honey Queen/Ambassador. If you have a member in your family or you know of a youth interested in honeybees that would like to represent CIBA, please contact one of the Board members. This is an opportunity for a youth to gain experience in public speaking and share their knowledge and experience in beekeeping. Duties include participating in CIBA meetings and representing CIBA at the Iowa State Fair and at the Iowa Honey Producers Association Annual Meeting. Qualifications include an interest in honeybees, a willingness to speak in public, have the enthusiasms to convey a positive beekeeping message and be 14-18 years old. Having recipes that use honey and can be shared during talks is desirable! One of the former CIBA Honey Queens, Belle Hemesath, went on to be the Iowa Honey Queen and then the American Honey Queen. Funds from the food and drink stand at the CIBA Annual Beekeeping Equipment Auction are earmarked to support the activities of the CIBA Honey Queen/Ambassador.

Connie Bronnenberg has agreed to assist CIBA and our Honey Queen/Ambassador with information and advice. This is a great opportunity for the CIBA Honey Queen/Ambassador, as Connie has many years in working with the Iowa Honey Producers Association (IHPA) Honey Queen and has mentored two Honey Queens in being selected and crowned as American Honey Queens.

Download the form below to apply:

2018 Honey Queen/Ambassador Application

Email completed form to Connie Bronnenberg at cbronny823@aol.com

Previous Iowa Honey Bees: (photos from www.iowahoneyproducers.org)

2017 Iowa Honey Queen: Carly Raye Vannoy
2016 Iowa Honey Queen Maia Jaycox & American Honey Queen Belle Hemesath from Iowa